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59 plate GTR

Hi All,

I've just joined at the request of my Brother who doesnt use forums, so i'm just helping him out.

He has a 59 plate GTR and has had about 6 months of trouble free motoring, then last week he was driving along and suddenly had an engine management light come on and the message "Take to dealer" and he lost all power and the ability to change gear.

He got it trailored to a garage and when he got there the car could be driven and change gear as normal, the garage has since had a look and it seems to be driving ok other than a noise from the rear when turning.

They have plugged in an ODB2 reader and its come up with the following error:

P0848 Transmission Fluid Pressue Sensor/Switch "B" Circuit high.

I wondered if this was anything anyone had seen before and if so what would the likely outcome be? dodgy sensor? correct reading from the sensor but high pressure caused by something?

Any info appreciated.


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