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Scottish GTR wannabie

Hello everybody,
Been reading this forum for a few weeks now so I have made up a list of questions and observations that should enable me to buy a GTR.

1. Almost every GTR Iíve looked at has been to Litchfields at some point in its life. Its a 700mile round trip for me. Do people transport there GTRís there? I know Nobles in Edinburgh do servicing but there is one or two peeps on here who wont go near them.

2. My budget is 40-45k. There are plenty of pre 2011 cars around but want a post 2011. There seems to be a bit of a lack of 2012 to 2015 for some reason. Tried to get a 2015 for £45k but just a bit low and dealers not interested in moving on their prices!!

3. Daytona Blue is my colour choice which does limit the cars available.

4. In my experience cars with modifications generally donít get their money back. It is seen as a nice to have.

5. Ive seen 2 blue ones....
litchfield 4.25 2011 23k miles....£42k or a 2015 with 50k miles just a y pipe £48500. Any opinions?

Its also pretty good that the mot history tells a on auto-trader has three wheels that have been welded[emoji15]

Hope u can help.


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