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Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
Thanks for your replys. Good to know I have options for servicing closer to home.

Whats the consensus with regard to high number of owners cars? Again is it down to service history and condition? Do people seem to offload them b4 a big service is due? Scratch the itch then move on?

It will be a weekend car for me so mileage will not being going up daily.

All current blue cars are more than 300 miles away! I guess I must be pretty sure it is the right car b4 i book flights!

you can always pay for owner to take it to a specialist and they will give you a report on the car. Will be much the same price as flight but could save a lot of time. I have bought two gtr's this way. Got a specialist to inspect them before i purchased car, I covered cost inspection and travel costs.
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