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Thanks Jim, I just got the rear turbo and manifold installed, what a ****! I'm sure if I had a swear jar I could have bought Richard's entire fleet of R34 GTR's!

The scoop is the OEM Nissan one, I'm going to ditch the Blitz air filters and run airbox with S-Tune air filter instead, the panel is an Okuyama Carbing, cost about £70? Can't remember what postage was as I got it a couple of years ago. Went for that rather than the GT carbon one as you can't really mod that very easily. JDR did the mod for me and have welded up across the top to smooth air flow, sides will be done during paint.

Now, to fit turbo supports, lambda sensors again (removed to get the turbo in!) and the oil return lines. Maybe a cup of tea too...
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