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Thanks RB28, it was a bit more of a "things I've bought" diary for a while, glad to say I've started doing more myself! Currently putting the Nismo oil cooler shroud together, I had to move everything so my wife could also sit at the dining room table last night and I ended up riveting a piece on back to front. I can't blame her as between the Japanese instructions, pictures that make zero sense and not checking I'd put the pieces back the right way around it was bound to happen! It has left me short a few rivets which I think we have at work, so I'll blag a few for the last couple of bits that need doing.

Had great news from RHD Japan, everything is ready for dispatch already! Should see the new bumper bar, etc. this week! I'm getting excited now, my water & oil lines got collected by the platers yesterday and I dropped the engine covers & Nismo plenum off for paint too. The car should start going back together soon, few bits I want to blast and paint and I'll be good to go!

Jimbo, 1 1/8th socket was spot on, thank you for that! I just need to modify the old water to oil cooler slightly now to fit the Nismo oil block in its place, Greddy relocation should screw straight onto the oil filter OEM location then too.
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