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Originally Posted by GTRNICK View Post
I think Old cars are better for fun and rawness and new cars are soft and fluffy and serve a daily drive purpose. I'll be honest in this day and age of being a driver on the heavily populated roads I do really appreciate the soft and fluffy cars for most of the time as they seem to block out the stress of the traffic. Then when I'm bored the r34 comes out to play but it must take me a day to get over it as its so noisy LOL
I feel the exact same way as Nick. Living in London the "soft and fluffy" cars really do help separate you from all the stress. I'm not particularly good at coping with long car journeys and my old car without all the comfort and gizmos really used to exhaust and drain me, leaving me shattered.

I remember working at JLR and having a brand new XJS for a few weeks and my God that made long journeys feel like nothing, and knowing you had good power on tap to use at your discretion just made the whole "new car" experience incredible.

R34SKY's right about new supercars being competent and fast, but I think it also applies for all the new sports cars. New cars at any power level utilise their power so well.

But old cars really are something else, they make your senses fizz and tingle. Temporarily that's fantastic but long term, not so much.
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