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Originally Posted by G-Zilla View Post
You need to go see an eye doctor if you think that new Supra looks good Just f*cking with you man. I am not a huge Toyota follower, but the Mk IV is probably the sexiest of the lot, following the Mk III. The new one is just ruined by BMW and looks butt ugly. The rear looks good, but the features are "squeezed out" of the body. I don't care about the specs and power of it, I want a Japanese car. Not a German rebadged car.

I get what you're saying, but without BMW there would not be a new Supra.
In my honest opinion, if it would have been called FT-1 just like the concept one, people would like it more.

For me the only bad thing about it is the no manual optio. I like automatics, but they take some of the driving feeling away from me, no matter how fast the change is or how easy it is to drive.

I see a lot of potential in the A90. Keen to see what people start doing with them!
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