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Originally Posted by curious View Post
You need to be carefull with these CCA auctions.

Went to inspect a few cars for a client last year at their auction and they were nothing like the Vehicle report that CCA had advertised them with.

After a conversation with one of the CCA auctioneers it became clear that the vehicle reports are done by the customer and not a CCA representative.

They have a quick look at the car when it arrives but nothing in comparison to the Vehicle report the owner has complied.

A bit cheeky as the way the adverts are done, it seems that CCA completed the inspection.

Oh and the guide prices are way off, last year they didn't even know what a R34 GTR was let alone what it was worth.

If you are going to buy it I would recommend a inspection, unfortunately no road tests are allowed and you'll not be allowed to get underneath it.

Great way to get rid of a worn out R34 for top money.

Buyer BEWARE as the saying goes
Thanks for the detailed reply. I know the estimate means nothing to how it will bid on the day, low estimates are a favorite trick of the auction house to ramp up interest.
Also aware that the report is based on the sellers info, and that auctions mean buyer beware. It looks tidy, and has few mods which is why I am interested.
Just had a chat with the guy in CCA who consigned the car, and they have viewing on the day before now from 10am -5pm, normally it is from 2pm to 5pm. As for inspections, how can you get one done when the car can not be moved, just started.
I am going to try fly over for the viewing day and take a look, could be a nice car.
I did find a google link for the car advertised for sale in the past year, with a dealer called Blackstar Automotive, but the site link is dead.

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