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Thanks for the positive comments, it does feel good to just go and do a bit on the car at my leisure! It has been too bloody hot to do much of anything this week though! I did attack the 86 yesterday to replace my front brake pads as they were squealing. I assumed that the noise was to say they need replacing, but no... The OEM do make noise apparently and my fronts were only 50% worn! Argh! A couple of hours turning into a stinking sweat pile for no reason. Bugger.

I have, however been doing a lot with the GTR lately. Seeing as today is meant to be 38*c or more, I'm staying safe in my games room with an icy drink in hand, typing up an overdue update!

Let us start with the turbos:

Everything is now in, torqued up and tightened where I can't torque. I literally spent 2 hours trying (and failing) to get the nut on the back right stud of the rear turbo. What an utter bastard!! I danced a little jig when that went on! I'm sure if I had a swear box I could have bought a small island in the Caribbean... Refurbed heatshields fitted, the silver marks are anti-seize paste and have now been cleaned off.

Fan refurb:

I have new sponge tape to fit onto the housing when it gets fitted to the AC radiator.

Intercooler refurb:

Cleaned up and resprayed the intercooler, it was black originally and had some overspray on it, so needed to be done!

The next job is to use my Nismo stencil from America to spray on the logo. I may mask up and do that today if it isn't too hot. I want a genuine (larger) Nismo intercooler at some point, but £20 on a stencil & paint vs £2000 delivered on a genuine one, well, what would you do?

Speaking of paint...

Front support bar:

Sandblasted, primered, painted in factory QM1, lacquered.

Repainted the front end in factory QM1 white.

I didn't wet sand it in the end so the finish isn't 100% smooth, but for my time, £25 on a factory QM1 paint, pro primer and lacquer, I'm more than happy with the finish! It'll certainly protect the car until I can afford a full-on belt and braces respray! I've also ordered the rubber light seals as mine were dry as buggery, cracked and fell apart when I tried to remove them. Not cheap at £70+ a side, but better than allowing any water or crap passed the lights! Few clips that were missing, broken or old ordered too.

Air inlet pipe refurb:

Nismo 2018 Oil Cooler:

I won't be fitting this yet as I'll need to remove the plenum to fit it (and fit the Greddy oil filter relocation kit at the same time) I want to make sure the car starts and runs before I start pulling off more bits! The Nismo inlet manifold will be replacing this one anyway.

More parts have arrived: Greddy oil filter relocation kit, Nagissa Auto Garrichi fender braces, Nissan OEM crash bar and many, many screws, rubbers, bolts, etc. Still waiting on more parts to arrive too...

I finally used my Dulux tester to see what colour the garage will (eventually) be:

Very pleased with it! There are a few areas I want to redo in the garage before I get to paint, but that is a future project when I can move the GTR out of the way.

Ok. The bit you've (probably) been waiting for...

Plated parts and painted engine covers! Any guesses on the colour? No, it isn't black.


To be continued...
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