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More build progress:

I had trouble with getting the PRP R35 kit loom installed correctly, the valley cover just wouldn’t sit properly. I emailed Herman who was awesome as usual! I just had to make sure I routed the loom below coil #6 so it came out the bottom of the cover. (You don’t need to cut it then, I had just had them painted to wasn’t about to cut anything!) I removed #6 and installed the loom first, replaced #6 and everything does indeed fit. I trimmed the heatshrink thinking it would give me a bit more play, it didn’t and I didn’t need to do it. Doh… I only removed the one section so I’ll rewrap it in the future.

Test fit of Nismo and KTS hardpipes, blue hoses & Nismo air separator installed:

I also installed a new ADVANCE alternator:

Only the one picture as I forgot to take any before I started the paint process!

Rebuild progress:

New Mishimoto radiator, new OEM radiator shroud, AC reinstalled, new radiator mounts, new rubbers, new bonnet stay & grommet.

And that, is where I am up to now! I’m debating whether or not to paint the crash bar white, or leave it black. You won’t see it anyway… Having fresh paint and new / refurbed parts also shows up how old and tired looking other parts of the car are, something I really want to address as it just looks a bit rubbish next to the lovely new stuff. Few ideas on what to do and how as an interim tidy up, bonnet needs to come off so I can remove the front wipers and scuttle, treat and paint all that and reinstall my new scuttle, wipers and trim.

Oh, new blue hoses for vacuum lines to be cut and fitted, some of the OEM ones are starting to perish and crack. Blue Samco power steering hoses also ordered - "6-8 weeks" - I'll believe that when they arrive! Power steering reservoir will be coming out and refurbished too, you can't buy them anymore! Blue hoses for the wiper jets to go in too, and be properly routed under the bonnet liner. New belts to go on too, remnants of AC gas / fluid got on them and has stained them yellow-green (and they look shit, lol)

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