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GTR Dump Valves/BOV's - Thoughts?

Just wondering what people/owners think of these on the R35's. Do they sound, dare I say, a bit chavish?? Had them on my old Cosworths, Evos, Subarus etc, but not sure about the R35?

Obviously, they serve a purpose I know and above a 4.25/1.3 bar the OEM valves are prone to blowing open, so it's a decent upgrade on a modded car in that respect which would be why I would get some on my 4.25. But, the OEM's one's are more than capable at this level of tune?

Spoke to Iain at Litchfield and he says it's just the sound and they look good, no real other benefits and he would be happy to adjust the map on the car to suit. SVM however said they are a very popular upgarde and hold boost much better with the upgraded units on and the OEM one's will eventually fail.

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