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Had to jump it a few times. No issues. I would think that issues are less common now there are no positive earth cars about. Just make sure you connect positive to positive and negative to negative. Give the car the a rev for a few minutes to boost the alternator rpm. Voltage should rise to 14v +/-0.2v unless the alternator is duff. This might be lower if you measure on the flat car. If it is higher than 14.5v something is wrong. So I would not try it.

Issues arise from bad earth bonding or people getting it wrong. I would always go battery to battery.

Ah is purely the capacity of the battery. Bigger is better but adds weight. Only a problem when using a smaller car to start a bigger car. It doesn't have enough cranking amps. Voltage is important to match. Don't try to start a 12v car from a 24v Lorry. Some big trucks use two 12v battery in series. So you can do it bit only if you know what your.

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