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Originally Posted by AntonyB View Post
I have not owned a 370Z please keep that in mind when you read this. Here is what I can tell you after a month of GTR ownership coming from and still owning a 2017 VW Golf R Estate Mk7.5(my family car).

Very well written. Just about sums things up fpr me. I have a Merc as a daily which I can jump into and get from A to B [quite quickly.] The GTR takes that little bit longer so usually save this for an occassion where I will appreciate it.
I'm on my 3rd...had cars inbetween but keep migrating back.

Try one for yourself - have your own experience, create some memories and tick that box.

If it's not for you...sell it.

It's only money and trust me, we can waste the stuff on far worse things in life
Very well put bud.
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