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Originally Posted by AntonyB View Post
I have not owned a 370Z please keep that in mind when you read this. Here is what I can tell you after a month of GTR ownership coming from and still owning a 2017 VW Golf R Estate Mk7.5(my family car).

Only my opinion, but the 370Z is a sports car with similar power to my Golf R 300ishBHP, 0-60 in the Golf R is supposedly under 5 seconds. I class the GTR as a supercar.

This means you have a whole different experience the moment you start the engine. In my Golf I can reverse out the drive in under 20 seconds making it much quicker than the GTR lol as in the GTR I feel it needs much more warming up and then after that it still makes a fun grinding sound when reversing out. It is like it does not enjoy going backwards, (I hope this is normal but I wish there was a noobie guide I could find somewhere to check all these things out).

You feel the GTR is special just from the looks people give you, from the sound and feel of it even at low speeds. The noises and way it moves is very different from a normal car like a Golf and possibly a 370Z.

When on the road, again the GTR is an experience maybe even slightly stressful on first ownership worrying about the width, speed, noises and forever needing to demist the front windscreen! Then there is the tracking it can pull left and right at a moments notice so keep your hands on the wheel, (I hope this will be improved once I get the first service out the way). When the roads are wet I have found it twitchy as it might advertise itself as 4WD but I have not been able to see the MFD display put much power to the front yet as I am so busy holding on and watching where I am going. In other words it can be handful on the road if you drive it hard. I have to say though I am used to point and squirt with my Golf which loves just powering out of a corner, the GTR does this just as well, much faster in fact, but I am much more careful due to my lack of skill and the double power of this supercar compared to the Golf.

Compared to my Golf, now I have the GTR I think even more of my Golf as it is super easy to drive in comparison and worry much less on narrow roads. This means I can drive it faster in many situations should I wish. However there is nothing like the sounds and acceleration of the GTR when you go full on, it is truly epic and insane. This is said even without even having tried the R mode yet!!! The Golf is way more economical though, I know this is not really a big point as if you buy a GTR you are surely ready for the mpg right? Well I thought I was, however I am sure very soon I will know the first name of every staff member at my local Shell and Tesco garage pmsl.

I have driven my Golf on track and been in a quite new GTR on the same track. My conclusion the Golf super fun, very quick, could not stop smiling as it kept up with most other cars just about and an estate car for the giggle factor. It always surprises people everywhere as the ultimate sleeper. The GTR ride, courtesy of an experienced driver, was OMG insanely quick epic fun, unbelievable in fact, made my neck hurt and I doubt I will ever go in another car faster unless I was a professional driving millionaire. This is where the GTR is simply brilliant and can make you feel like a driving god lol. Maybe you can feel this in a 370z too but I would be surprised if that was the case.

My advice comes from my son, he says Daddy drive fast but safely. He loves the car but likes to feel safe and I often tell him no we cannot go fast there is another car about.

This is my best advice, if you can see another car don't use full throttle, if the road is wet don't use full throttle. Stay safe and go to events like Santa Pod and track days to really see what the GTR can do. To fully experience what a GTR can do I second other people that have posted, take it to a track or event where you can do it safely.

P.S.When taking to a track do get confused if your car is in warranty about whether you have to take it for inspections before and after!!
P.P.S. Note to self stop trying to listen to the startup when there is water on the windscreen as the wipers love whipping it in to the car lol.

Hope this helps.
Nice little write up.

Couple of points, if you're getting excessive misting inside then you probably have a leak and water getting into the car. Common culprit is in by the wingmirror area and goes down the inside of the door card and soaks into the floor / carpet. have a little look and feel around and see if you can sense any dampness. Also check in and around the secret compartment under the passenger floor mat. if all ok there check the boot and ensure the water drainage channels are clear (back of the car in the gully where the pressure struts are that hold the book open), A cable tie or carefully aimed pressure washer can ensure its all clear and draining ok. if it all seems dry, try some dehumidifying granules (you can get a box of the stuff) in the car over a couple of nights and see if that helps.

The tracking, or steering pulling left and right is probably the tyres. You're still on run flats right? Next change, worth trying MP4S Michelin. Either 285/35/20 front and 295/35/20 rear - or the more common sizing 265/35/20 front and 305/30/20 rear. Will make a massive difference although steering feels a fair bit lighter. Ride and wet handling much improved.
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