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as for the original question of the thread. yes I always found I could enjoy my car on the road. With 650bhp I found I could push on most of the time although I don't speed around other motorists. I coulf however blast the throttle open most of the time and zip along a road.

Since adding a chunk more power I have to seriously pick my moments and things need to be just right.

Something that differentiates the GT-R from the 370 is just how accessible the speed is. In the 370 you'd wind it up and get some speed going and it would take a while. In a tuned GT-R, like a motorbike, you get a gap and can go nuts - smash some serious speed out and then slow back down and it's all done in the blink of an eye. Which for me means less time at risk and very little distance required to get your kicks.

My car isn't even a fast one and it knocks out 100 - 200kph / 62mph - 124mph in 4.47 seconds and 190 meters. I've not even properly gone for it yet.

In a friends car at the GTRDC runway, I did 222mph in a standing mile. That's bonkers. But, it was all done and dusted in just 1 mile and was at medium / low boost too. He recently hit 190mph in half a mile and 240mph in a mile.

Considering the speeds, the time and distance to get there is nothing which in my eyes means fun / speed is very very accessable in a GT-R but be warned, as the power rises the opportunities to properly make the most of it seem to decrease - unless you don't mind going ASBO
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