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what japanese navy??? u mean the navy that folllows a pacifist constitution??? they cant attack north korea even if they bribed the UN to let them.... N.korea wudda killed em enyway....and that battleship is at the bottom of the ocean rusting and holding the remains of 1000+ sailors and few hundred tonnes of unexploded 60 yr old ammunition... it will be soo easy for u to smuggle skylines out of japan.... look the r32,r33,r34 are a dynasty of cars.... they were kings of japanese imports... they still will be... even if the r36 comes out.. i will still be a fan of the r32,r33, and the r34... the r34 i love the most because of the gorgeous front end and the nice 4 circle light back end.. no matter wut nissan does (unless of course the rb26 engine is inside the r36) im sticking to this era of skylines... ill only appreciate the r36 if the fix the ugly back end make it flat instead of bubbly... and if they take out that crappy V engine and put in the RB26 engine.
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