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Question Driver Side Door Mirror Not Folding In

The driver-side door mirror on my recently-purchased R33 GTS-25t does not fold in when the cabin switch is flicked. The passenger mirror works fine. It looks like the mirror has had a knock at some point because the glass is not original. The motorised mirror adjustment works fine.

I have taken out the three screws on the underside which releases the mirror from the car and I have also taken out another screw on the mirror that was hidden near the swivel point.

Unfortunately, that's as far as I can get. I don't know how to open the casing or check for lose wiring etc. I don't know want to force anything and break an otherwise-working door mirror.

Has anyone else had a problem with a dodgy motor or lose wire in this area? Anyone been able to open the mirror unit and perform a diagostic etc?

Photos are here

If I can't fix this, I'll look at replacing the mirror, which is pearlescent midnight blue if anyone has one spare!?

Many thanks!

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