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hipogtr 16th January 2003 12:47 PM

R35 GT-R Release Date...
Had a quick glance at the latest Holiday Car magazine in Japan. It has a bit of a scoop on the next GT-R (don't they always). Apparently (and based on my terribly limited Japanese abilities), they are 80% sure on the next gen GT-R specs at the moment (these details have already been mentioned in other threads on this and other boards) and that the release date to the Japanese public will be March 2005 (not 2004 as you may have seen elsewhere).

On an aside, in the same magazine they are also suggesting that the 350Z will be released with a turbo engine next year that is loosely based on the 3.3ltr twin turbo engine that is suppossed to be coming with the next gen GT-R. Now, that will make for an interesting ride!

Cya O!

Ian SuttoN1 16th January 2003 01:13 PM

Well that is what was rumoured so anyone that was waiting best grab those 34s that are for sale , as the prices are rock bottom and can only rise!!


R34 18th February 2003 11:20 PM

Pics Wanted
I recently saw an R34 for sale for 4000. i think they have either missed an 0 on the price or it is smashed in!
i havent actually seen any pictures of this new skyline that is to be released, so if ne1 has any pics dont hesitate to send them to my e-mail address.

Skyline_R34 30th July 2003 02:05 PM

but wouldn't the prices lower if a new model comes out cause they will just buy the R35 instead of the R34 and R34's will become easier to get. more of R34=less money for them

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