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Well you can laugh at them now! Nissan wouldn't stick a VQ in there. I want to see what the thing will be like here in the US. But hopefully it won't get into the wrong hands. Ricers or business men who know nothing about its history and just bought it because it was new car and it is fast won't even drive it over the speed limit kind of people. I think that is why I somewhat hate this car it will be left hand drive from the factory...aagh what a turn off. I looks so strange being left hand drive. I want to wait to see what happens...I don't care about the car I can about that engine. Personally I want to get my hands on a REAL 100% KPGC10 Hakosuka and swap a VR38 into it. Not sure if it will work but can't do a thing until it comes out. From one of the videos I saw...the car sounds a step up from the VQs in the 350Z and G35 coupe. Sounds a little louder and meaner but it does kind of sound like it which I was somewhat surprised...When I saw Carlos Ghosn driving it almost sounded like a stock RB. I guess we ALL have to wait until parts come out for the car.
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