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Ha! Now we agree bonzelite! It does kind of kill it huh? I miss the GT-R being a underground type of car...makes my eyes water a little because of it being in the spot light too much now. American to American I also would rather have a RHD only with 6 speed manual. you think some company out there will try to do a 6spd manual trans on their own someday? DSG is amazing for fast track days, everyday driving, and of course...for those who hate and can't drive a standard if their lives depended on it. The only thing I like about the new GT-R is the fact it can have ALL countries including the US mainly to make parts for the car. I know many say it is a good car stock but come on...5 years of waiting, a brand new car with a brand new engine I want to see what it can do. They say its new engine is more powerful than the RB26 you will have to prove that to me! I don't doubt it is for a split second but still. But until the car is a 6spd manual trans I will be in the dark...waiting...watching
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