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Originally Posted by Wink View Post
Oh yes, King Nismo and bonzelite, check all my other posts to see if I'm a man who should know or not.

A few other snippet for you monkeys....

Piston pin diameter 23mm
Piston compression height 32.5mm
Counterweight radius 94.5mm (limits max capacity to 3.8L with fixed bay balance)
Max oil flow 60 l/min (although the pump delivers 120l/min at 6800 rpm, but obviously most of it is relieved by the PRV).

Max heat-to-oil (at VMax) approx 34 kW (which is why there is a bloody big oil cooler mounted in the fog light position
Max water flow approx 300 l/min (the VQ35 max water flow is only 180 l/min), with max heat-to-water of 137 kW
Max heat-to-air (for intercoolers) approx 41 kW......!

Hey...even kings were wrong sometimes LOL But, as I said before I need to stick to the old GT-R which I know about. This new car is too complicated for me...Trying to learn more about this car and still hold on to the knowledge of the old GT-Rs tuning "system overload" as GTC said...your the man and corrected me in my own thread. So the VR38 will be pretty much like the Flat 6 in the 997? only can get bored out a little? Doesn't matter really it is still a nice engine. And I thought the V6 was on par with the V8 in the 390? I ONLY post what I read nothing more.
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