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This either adds to the confusion of origin of the VR prefix code, or sheds light on the issue.

If the following info is true, then those claiming the VR38DETT has nothing to do with the VRH are incorrect. And will explain why Nissan carried the VR prefix --they did it for a specific reason as they could have used many other letters of the alphabet to designate the new GT-R engine --but they chose VR.

VR38DETT Engine Overview - GT-R TECH : The Nissan GT-R Information Resource | GT-R Forums | GT-R Guides |

"The Nissan GT-R powerplant is derived both from Nissan's Racing V8 engines and the extremely successful VQ series engines. In essence it is a modern day hybrid of racing technologies, and proven reliability.Then engine is rated at 480 horsepower, although speculators believe this is severely underrated due to the recent performance of the GT-R on the famous Nurburgring. Being as heavy as the GT-R is, and performing like it does, the speculators are probably correct.

Settling on a twin turbo V6 configuration, Nissan has developed an amazing engine. Check back often for updates as we learn more about the heart of Godzilla."
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