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"The Nissan GT-R powerplant is derived both from Nissan's Racing V8 engines and the extremely successful VQ series engines. In essence it is a modern day hybrid of racing technologies, and proven reliability."

So I was right? for me! I guess the information really won't hit the fan until the car comes out nex month in Japan. you can see I am TRYING to get used to this new GT-R. I don't bash the car like I did in the past but I am new to the V6 configuration. So about 60 degree this and that I don't have a much knowledge. Yes I understand what 60 degree means common sense tells me that but about the bank etc I will pass. I still believe someday someone will slap an RB26 in there..and I can't wait until that day comes. Something I know about and is easy to figure out. Also where are people getting their information from because everytime I post I get told it is wrong.
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