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Cheers Guys - I've always dreamed of owning a 34 but never thought I would be able to, the 33 was always a compromise. Trouble is my 33 is a stonking good car, utterly reliable, real road presence and with £15k to spend on a new engine/rebuild, respray and tidying up bits and bobs etc then it could be an amazing car.

The Rx7 idea won't go away but the youngest car would be 10 years old and I know FA about Rex's

Did I put a Z4 in, what was I thinking? It looks like the car thieves have been in a nicked all the toys before it left the show room. Stingy bloody Germans

The 350Z is tempting from the point of view of owning a newer car and not having to check I've got my breakdown recovery docs every time I go out - Paranoid! Me! maybe.

So what do I want from a car?

1 A car that will take me and a mate across Europe for the sheer hell of it - A GT car.

2 A car that my missus won't moan about feeling sick in when we go away for a weekend of pomp and circumstance - (why the Elise wasn't on there)

3 A car intimidating enough in the rear view mirror to make those right hand lane road hogs pull over and let me through. The 33 is a rather good for that on the M6
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