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: Latest Products, Offers and News from our Sponsors

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  1. R35 GTR NISMO Carbon Fender Vents - Lowest Price Online
  2. R35 GTR Linney HD Gear Set 1-6 BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!
  3. SPOOKY SALE - Sumo Power SALE NOW ON!!
  4. R34 GTR Rear Fenders for GTT
  5. R35 GTR 2017 Top Secret Rear End Conversion
  6. R35 GTR Linney GT Spec Front Brake Discs with Bells 390mm
  7. R35 GTR 2015-19 KR Carbon Front Fender Logo Emblem Covers
  8. R35 GTR Tomei Expreme Ti Exhaust System
  9. Late style OEM GTR Emblems with BADGE 2015-19
  10. Sumo Power - Trust Greddy UK distributor
  11. Discount 20% for first forum members - lightweight subframes r35
  12. Rear Lightweight Tubular Subframe for R35 GT-R
  13. NEW MY17-19 GTR Front Lip in FRP
  14. R35 GTR Top Secret Carbon Side Window Louvres
  15. R35 GTR Carbon Engine Cover £100 OFF!
  16. R35 GTR 2017+ EBA Carbon Rear Diffuser / Lip
  17. PPG Painted for life offer.
  18. New! Motek racing brake pads!
  19. R35 GTR 2017+ EBA Carbon Front Grille Covers
  20. R35 GTR Carbon Side Window Louvres
  21. R34 GTR KR Edition Front Bumper
  22. R35 GTR 2017-19 Full Front End Conversion Kit
  23. R33/R34 Strut top replacements
  24. Free Workshop Collection for non runners or loved examples
  25. 2017-19 GTR Daytime Running Lights DRL with Trim and Loom!
  26. Car Control - Part 2
  27. Car Control - Do You Have It?
  28. Great value speaker upgrade for your R35 doors
  29. Sumo Power - New member Rich
  30. R34 GTR Hasemi Carbon Rear Spats
  31. Data logging - Options
  32. R35 GTR 2017-18 OEM FRP Front Bumper
  33. R35 GTR 2017-18 KR Real Carbon Grille Cover
  34. Annual Open Day with Guest cars from Top Secret and NISMO
  35. Knight Racer 102mm Full Stainless Exhaust System
  36. Name and direction change for TheGTRShop
  37. Carbon Bonnet Dampers
  38. 4SRC carbon fibre battery covers engine dress up kit - LAST SET IN STOCK
  39. 4SRC full Titanium 3" intake pipes for all GT R35
  40. 4SRC OEM style Matte carbon bonnet
  41. Front AP Radi-Cal Big Brake Kit
  42. MY15 headlights, Depo made, not OEM nissan
  43. 4SRC Dry Carbon N Attack Style front fender wings
  44. SPECIAL OFFER - Sound Deadening Service up to £150 off for Spring 2018
  45. 10% off all GTR Carbon Aero!!
  46. MY17 GTR Front End with CARBON Lip!
  47. Big delivery of R35 GTR Carbon Aero!
  48. Yellow Top Battery: GROUP BUY
  49. 4SRC Brake Cooling Guide Kits for GT R35
  50. Nismo GTR Front End Package
  51. Car Porn !!!
  52. 2017 onwards Re-trimmed Steering Wheels now available
  53. 2017 GTR Carbon Fibre Centre Console / Gear Shift Panel
  54. *** Giveaway Time! Free Detailing and Products ***
  55. ** ABC Detailing - GTR New Car Detailing Offer **
  56. AP Radi-Cal Big Brake Kits R35 GT-R
  57. GTROC member offer, 4SRC retrimmed flat bottom wheel
  58. 2017 special xmas offer - R35 carbon fibre bonnet only 2 of them!
  59. Black friday sale and raffle
  60. Raffle no.1 £10 per ticket
  62. 4SRC Bespoke R35 Steering Wheel
  63. 4SRC full detailing packing raffle, £10 to win £750 package!
  64. R35 Mouldy Door Speaker Replacement
  65. Winter Builds ¯ Special offerings 2017/2018
  66. Latest Offer R32 - You Offer!?
  67. Rocket Bunny GTR - KR Latest Project
  68. New Ecutek Software testing - Dashboard Feature!
  69. AV Unit Failure Fix
  70. Goodbye Group Buy
  71. Blogs you might like to read
  72. Thermal Barrier Protective Induction Sleeving
  73. Turbo blanket Spec Sheets now available
  74. Custom T25/28 Modified Blankets now available!
  75. PnP Subwoofer upgrade clearance
  76. GT-R blueprint artwork from Black Art Graphics
  77. New website launch! Thoughts and first impressions?
  78. Sumo Power / Ross Sport Open Day
  79. First Litchfield Track Day 6th June 2017
  80. Bank Holiday Turbo Blanket Group Buy
  81. New additions to the Funk Motorsport Heat Management range
  82. R35 GTR Nismo Front End + Carbon
  83. PPG R32 Sequential - Tested by Motive DVD
  84. R35 GTR KR GT Carbon Bonnet £1500
  85. 10% off KR Carbon Side Skirts!
  86. 2015 Navigation Upgrade Package for Non-nav & Jap import cars
  87. CKC Remote Start Kit Nissan GTR
  88. Sumo Power 2017 Events Calendar
  89. Ecutek RaceROM Phase 5.2 and Bluetooth Vehicle Interface OFFER and Customer FEEDBACK
  90. Would You Like Free Tickets to Autosport?
  91. R34 GTR Superior Carbon Spoiler BLADE
  92. Last set of brake package - bargain deal R32/R33/R34 GTR
  93. Funk Motorsport Car Performance Christmas Bundle
  94. ACspeedtech now KW Suspensions Performance Partner!
  95. Stock clearance r35 gtr
  96. Professional Cable Sleeving from Funk Motorsport
  97. December News from CAT
  98. TURBO BLANKETS - Now Available.
  99. Black Friday Sale
  100. FUNKMOTORSPORT - Welcome and introductory offer!
  101. Auto Torque are expanding – New Workshop Build
  102. Just a quick thankyou!
  103. R35 GTR adjustable rear arms Dodson Motorsport
  104. R35 GTR Nismo Full Carbon Rear Wing
  105. R35 GTR KR Carbon Intake Kit!
  106. 10% off KR Carbon Aero, Performance Parts and Lighting Products
  107. R35 GTR Top Racing GT1 Full Carbon Bonnet
  108. R35 Aggressive Real Carbon Bonnets
  109. just a quick hello so you all know we are still here for you
  110. R35 GTR Bison Full Carbon Bonnet
  111. Severn Valley Motorsport - New Website
  112. New brake package for Skyline R32 / R33/ R34 GTR
  113. New! SpeedForSale Gloss/ Matte Carbon 14+ GT-R Emblem Covers
  114. It's Now Live
  115. New deals for pads / brake lines / brake fluid R35 GTR
  116. Summer CAT News
  117. Limited offer on Supertec Racing Oil Pump Spline Drive Kits
  118. RAYS TE37 ULTRA back in stock
  119. Stock clearance rays g12 r35 gtr
  120. ASNU 'Triple Pump' Fuel System - Severn Valley Motorsport
  121. Special offer KW suspension Variant 3/Clubsport!
  122. KR R35 GTR 80mm High Flow Intake Kit
  123. – New Forum Discount Code
  124. – New Forum Discount Code
  125. New Euro car parts member
  126. New Website.
  127. EASTER weekend sale !
  128. KR R35 GTR Nismo Carbon Kit NOW AVAILABLE!
  129. Severn Valley Motorsport - Dominator Twin Intercooler
  130. Mine's Carbon GT-R Trunk Spoiler
  131. PPG R35 Gears power EKanoo Racing to run 7.3 1/4 pass @ 203mph
  132. Speed By Design R35 GTR Specials!
  133. PPG R35 Gears power EKanoo Racing to run 7.36 1/4 pass @ 206mph
  134. Sale on all In-Stock HKS Products - Ends This FRIDAY!
  135. SkySpy GPS Tracking February Deal
  136. New great deals discs and pads
  137. SkySpy GPS Tracking January Deal
  138. PPG breaks R35 world record with EKanoo Racing.
  139. Sumo 2016 Offers
  140. 1st GTR Customer through the door at the new Nissan Brand Centre, Cribbs Causeway
  141. Steering Wheel Upgrades
  142. Knight Racer at Autosport International 2016 (14-17th January)
  143. Supertec Racing - Oil Pump Spline Drive Kits
  144. Seasons Greetings
  145. Christmas offer Ferodo DS2500
  146. DBA 4000 Series T3 Brake Discs (Pair) R32/33/34
  147. Winter Special - Interim Service & MOT
  148. Black Friday Special @ SVM - Offer No 3
  149. Black Friday Special @ SVM - Offer No 2
  150. Black Friday Special @ SVM - Offer No 1
  151. Black Friday Sale !!!
  152. New Valenti GT-R Tail Lamps Available at SpeedForSale
  153. Dodson 1st to 6th EXTREME DUTY GR6 Gear Set In Stock!
  154. HKS R35 Parts
  155. Dodson GT-R Extreme Duty 1st Gear Set In Stock
  156. Dodson GT-R Engine Front Oil Cover Gaskets Now Available!
  157. Mines Steering Wheels (R35)
  158. Track Day Pop Up Bonnet Cancellers - UK Made
  159. PPG launch 6-speed sequential system R32 R33, GT-Rs, GTS-T and GT-T
  160. R35 GTR Dry Carbon Bonnets
  161. Introducing our new Viper R3R GTR carbon wing
  162. New Dodson Motorsports GT-R GR6 Bearing Sleeves Now Available
  163. **Development Product**Xtreme Clutch 230mm ORGANIC Twin
  164. Nismo Omori Factory Carbon Inlet Pipe
  165. AT Power R35 GTR 72mm Shaftless Throttle Bodies
  166. Official TAKATA Racing Distributor
  167. F1carbon's latest offer for the R35 "Track Pack Light"
  168. Supertec - Servicing and Set up Work
  169. New Billet Aluminium Shift Forks
  170. GTR Register Clothing now available
  171. BNR32 Lightweight Carbon Propshaft
  172. Reduced prices for Ferodo DS2500 pads
  173. Price Drop On All Willall Transmission Fluids! Plus Free Shipping in the US and UK
  174. AutoTecknic Competition GT-R Steering Shift Paddles
  175. Please read: Supertec R35 Brembo to Skyline fitting kit
  176. 2015 New Style Gear Knob
  177. F1carbon CBA carbon canards
  178. Long Overdue Newsletter
  179. HKS Skyline GTR & GTR Special Anniversary Discounts!
  180. Replacement door bass speakers
  181. R35 GTR Viper carbon bonnets
  182. Welcome to GTR Direct - our newest forum sponsor
  183. R35 Carbon Diffuser looking for new home
  184. N1 and OEM Nissan Oil Pump Spline Drive Gear Kits
  185. New stock just in! LED Jewel Tail Lamps available in RED and Smoked Black!
  186. ACspeedtech welcome a new member to our team!
  187. New SVM Clutches
  188. R35 Dry carbon air vents
  189. R35 GTR all in one Dry carbon door handles (interior)
  190. Stunning Dry carbon R35 wing mirrors
  191. Cabon fibre Big Gay Wings in stock
  192. Garrett GT2860-5 Turbos
  193. R35 carbon key fobs red, black and silver
  194. Carbon R33 GTR Bee-R spoiler blades
  195. Bonus ball, win an R35 Dry carbon engine cover, who's in for £9?
  196. R35 Carbon Unique Boot lip spoiler group buy
  197. R35 GTR DBA and CBA carbon front Grille group Buy
  198. F1carbon R33 and R34 Carbon fuse box lid one left
  199. Farewell from Supertec
  200. ACspeedtech have moved! NEW PREMISES!
  201. F1carbon large carbon shift paddles when they're gone, they're gone
  202. Varis R35 Items
  203. Supertec Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears - Special Offer
  204. Tommy Kaira Super Bright LED rear light sets
  205. F1Carbon example of our work
  206. Welcome to Torque GT
  207. Boost Logic EGR Blank Off Plates
  208. SVM - A Giant leap
  209. R35 GTR Carbon Doors
  210. 2014 MFD / NAV Upgrade Package for Non-nav & Jap import cars
  211. Clearance on many items - bargains!
  212. A message from Gary regarding John from Middlehurst.
  213. Spline Drive N1/OEM/Jun/Tomei Gear Kits - Winter Special
  214. GTR Warranty car care plans now avaliable @ Auto Torque
  215. Nissan gtr r35 carbon steering wheels new low price for members
  216. TPI XR Forged Alloy Racing wheel nut sets - Special offer
  217. Welcome to JDM Performance Parts
  218. Larger Gear Shift Paddles - Amazing Quality, Fitment and Value
  219. Brand New Michelin Pilot Super Sports - Great prices.
  220. A few bits that might take your fancy
  221. Happy New Year
  222. NEW FEATURE: Garage
  223. Ooh look...
  224. Alcon Front and Rear Discs - £1195
  225. Palm Size Power Pack that jump start V8 - Super-PowerPack SP400
  226. Bit of a reshuffle.
  227. Christmas News from CAT
  228. Garage-R 650R conventions
  229. 7 Days Only! 650R Conversion offer! Do not miss this!
  230. Cyber Monday offers // HKS December Sale // Clearance
  231. Black Friday Sale - Huge Savings! - Co-ordSport /
  232. Black Friday Sale - Massive Savings
  233. Auto Torques hand crafted titanium exhaust tips
  234. ASNU Performance Injectors
  235. Real Carbon Trim Now Available
  236. Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears Group Buy
  237. Racing Brake Carbon Ceramic Rotor Brake Packages for 2009+ GT-R's
  238. 0 Follow this topic SpeedForSale LED Front Turn Signal Markers - 3 Styles!
  239. JUN R1 - 8.3 Seconds UKs Quickest R35 GTR - 1842kg
  240. Rexpeed Carbon Bonnet Dampers
  241. No Tricks - Just Treats GTR R35 Cir-Clip Offer.
  242. Keith Michaels - Now Active
  243. Autumn Update from CAT
  244. Welcome to Sumo Power!
  245. 10% OFF HKS Items - TMS MOTORSPORT
  246. Welcome to
  247. Whifbitz R35 GTR 4" Titanium Exhaust on special offer
  248. New product - Whifbitz R35 GTR carbon tailpipes
  249. *£500 Voucher towards your next insurance policy - Prize Draw*
  250. Rays 20" TE37s for R35 £2750 SHIPPED!