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Conversation Between Day VG and Robbie 733
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  1. Robbie 733
    12th November 2010 07:37 PM - permalink
    Robbie 733
    I'm not sure, but I can remember seeing exhaust temps of 900+ degrees C on the MFD thing, so little wonder parts of the manifold had started to melt away ... Sort of, if you check out Neilo's Project thread, he's had the same manifold as what I currently have in a box in the back of the Disco. :-)

    Glad to hear you've stopped interfering with K's Mum, and finally moved out. At least those Plain Clothed Police that have been staking you out can get on with some proper work, rather than worry about another strange Pom taking advantage of a Senior Citizen !

    Hope you don't get caught by the Fuzz once you're up and running. I bumped into a couple of Britain's finest last weekend whilst out on my bike. Fortunately only got done for doing 84 in a 60 .... 60 seconds earlier and it would have been 56 mph more !

    Git, we've had nothing but rain or freezing temperatures for ages now ... I'm so looking forward to my Aussie trip next year, just hurry up and get your 34 Bathurst ready !!
  2. Day VG
    12th November 2010 11:27 AM - permalink
    Day VG
    How on earth did you manage to melt a manifold...tut tut tut. Is Neilo making you one or something? I'm sure there's some of those space shuttle heat resistant tiles on Ebay if you get desperate - held together with some cable ties and a bit of gaffa tape you'll be fine.

    Phew - got our own gaff now - so don't have to flirt with K's mum anymore - it was getting embarassing.

    Just ordered some Nismo front suspension from Japan to replace my worn bushes (overkill maybe?) and got hold of some new Performance Friction discs to get the beast through its roadworthy, so hopefully I'll scrape the summer track season...

    Ahh, no rain.
  3. Robbie 733
    1st November 2010 06:13 PM - permalink
    Robbie 733
    Cool, I'm sure you can swap a set of discs in your lunch hour :-)

    Fab, so you'll be able to speed up our Tourist Visa's once you've kept a Government job going for a few months !

    No Ring trips planned just yet, Moley still trying to find a worthwhile job, and I'm still waiting for Neilo to get me my new Exhaust manifold ... I melted my HKS one :-(

    You found a place of your own yet, or still living with K's Mum ?
  4. Day VG
    31st October 2010 01:40 PM - permalink
    Day VG
    I'm all good thanks - got a job working for the government body responsible for promoting road safety - I haven't told them what car I drive yet though! Car not quite registered as it's failed it's compliance test on having hairline cracks in the brake discs surfaces. They obviously haven't seen the Mr Mole definition of brake disc cracks here... Still, it hasn't stopped my annoying the local Holden V8 Ute drivers (only on the way to and back from the test centre of course officer...)

    You been on track lately? It must be about time for another Ring trip isn't it?
  5. Robbie 733
    31st October 2010 12:24 PM - permalink
    Robbie 733
    Dave Baby, how you doing 'Down Under' ?????

    Got the 34 registered yet ?
    If yes, been chased by the local Fuzz yet ?
    If not, you're not trying !!!!!!!!
  6. Day VG
    29th October 2010 12:37 PM - permalink
    Day VG
    Are you hiding in a southern hemisphere-bound container with a group of steak-eating mischief monkeys?
  7. Day VG
    16th September 2009 04:56 PM - permalink
    Day VG
    Did you manage to get your flashy lights in the end?

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