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  1. Technical Chat
    Hi folks, Apologies for starting a new thread on a subject that has probably been covered before. I'm a week into my ownership of an R32 GTR and i've had the 4WD light flag up on the dash. 1st time it cleared itself but now it appears to be here to stay, i used the forum to find out the code...
  2. Nissan Skyline
    Just treated myself to a skyline gtt but want to stick with 4wd so want to convert it with the running gear from a gtr. any advice or opinions would be a great help cant seem to find info anywhere
  3. Electronics
    Hello all, I have searched this topic quite a bit and looked through the FSM, but I cannot find a the answers I am looking for. I have transplanted the running gear out of a GTR32 into my S14 240sx and am having trouble finding out exactly how the attesa pump, pressure switch, and solenoid...
1-3 of 3 Results