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  1. Exclusive! Never seen before pic of my car

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Lol, just kidding. Not that exclusive but still nice :chuckle: Not sure if a new thread was necessary but hopefully, it's worth it. Personally, I love it but I am a bit biased :D Unfortunately, due to the almost 6x resizing, it doesn't look as good as the original (and makes some colours...
  2. ADV.1 Nissan GTR ADV005 M.V2 SL

    Prestige wheels
    Nissan GTR ADV005 M.V2 SL wheels available to order. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and information.
  3. ADV.1 | Forgeline | HRE wheels | Vellano | Velos

    Prestige wheels
    It has been asked by some if we buy our premium wheels from other outlets. The answer to that is NO. Just so members are aware, we are DIRECT AND OFFICIAL DEALERS FOR ADV.1, Forgeline, Velos and HRE wheels. We do NOT buy from or via any 3rd party or via any other country or grey import, so you...
  4. ADV.1 wheels | Nissan GTR R35 ADV10 Deep concave 21"

    Prestige wheels
    ADV.1 wheels | Nissan GTR R35 ADV10 Deep concave 21" Sharing some pictures of the ADV10 deep concave wheels featured on this GTR in 21". We are exclusive dealers for ADV.1 for the UK. Discounts are available for all members on all ADV.1 designs.
  5. ADV.1 Track Function Series

    Projex Design Uk
    We have more Great NEWS from the ADV.1 product range.... TRACK FUNCTION / FUNCTION S wheels - Forged Centre Step Lip 18" - from £3675.00 S version - £4800.00 19" - from £3850.00 S version - £4900.00 20" - from £4350.00 S version - £4950.00 wheels only Inc VAT To fit - most...
  6. ADV.1 Wheels ADV5 MV2 new borns

    Prestige wheels
    Sharing a recent GTR set built in 20x12 and 20x11. These are the ADV5 in MV2 configuration with wheels finished in matt brushed bronze with hidden hardware.
  7. ADV.1 wheels | ADV5 MV2 SL concave profile

    Prestige wheels
    Sharing more images of the ADV5 wheel MV2 2 piece wheel. Image shown is 21x12 and finished in brushed tinted clear. More pictures to follow
  8. ADV1 wheel OFFER for 2014 - DREAM / PURCHASE / ENJOY

    Projex Design Uk
    As we are in the Holiday spirit and looking forward to the start of 2014 we would like to offer you all an ADV wheel deal. We are offering any ADV1 M.V2 style of wheel with great discounts. This is a big promotion for the GTROC members and for such a big brand of wheels that most admire and...
  9. Happy Holidays to all members from Prestige Wheel Centre

    Prestige wheels
    We would just like to say to all members and admin Happy Holidays and a happy and prosperous new year from all at Prestige Wheel Centre. In 2014 we will be posting more images for your viewing and doing even more special offers for forum members on all ADV.1, Forgeline, HRE Vellano and Rennen...
  10. ADV.1 wheels now on display at Prestige Wheel Centre

    Prestige wheels
    Hi all. We now have a small selection of ADV.1 advance one wheels wheels available for viewing in our showroom. If you are planning a new set of wheels for the coming year and are based in or around the Birmingham region please feel free to drop in to view, touch and see the finish quality on...
  11. Adv.1 wheels | nissan gtr adv15 mv2

    Prestige wheels
    More ADV.1 action for your viewing. This R35 features ADV15 wheels MV2 spec finished in gloss black with exposed fastners. :thumbsup:
  12. ADV.1 wheels on Nissan GTR 35 | ADV10 deep cpncave

    Prestige wheels
    R35 with Advance one ADV10 Deep concave wheels. Yes these are available from yours truly. Sharing is caring!
  13. ADV.1 wheels for UK now distributed through Prestige Wheel Centre

    Latest Products, Offers and News from our Sponsors
    Prestige Wheel Centre have now been appointed UK distributors for ADV.1 wheels for the UK and Ireland. Happy to give members of members pricing and happy to answer any questions. Images will soon be uploaded to our website. We are also official UK dealers for HRE wheels and UK...
  14. ADV.1 Wheels for the win!

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hello, chaps! I have finally installed the new wheels and tires on my car that I have been waiting for quite some time now. So, decided to share it with you guys. I'll upload some of the pics I made really soon but now for a starter just a little teaser...