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  1. Long Time listener.. First time caller.. My new MY12 Gtr

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi to all! Signing in, just made my first GTR purchase after a long "investment" of various japanese cars and a couple of british sports cars Put this into google and go to pistonheads.. nissan-gt-r-premium-massive-spec-litchfield-stage-4-alcon-brakes-handling-kit Cant post links yet... So...
  2. R35 GTR - Slotted discs Front 405mm Rear 381mm

    Performance Friction
    Front and Rear Slotted Disc Upgrades To fit 2011 onwards models of the Nissan GTR we have produces 405mm front discs and a matching slotted rear replacement disc. (These will not fit earlier models due to the calipers having a narrower radius throat) These are the largest disc that will fit...
  3. Alcon's cracking??

    Exhausts, Brakes, Wheels/Tyres & Suspension (GT-R)
    anyone had experience of Alcon discs cracking like this??
  4. GTR R35 Discs

    Performance Friction
    Performance Friction Disc Upgrade High performance 2-Peice discs to fit standard calliper setup, this is an effective upgrade for the standard cross drilled OEM components that are susceptible to cracking. These 2-Peice discs use our patented V2 mounting which is a light weight solution with...