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  1. Nissan GT-R
    Hi, I have just committed to a new 2019 GTR Prestige...super excited!!! To help smooth my cash flows and plan for the inevitable, can peeps advise me on 1) recognised service plan for next 2-3 years... what companies offer best? 2) tyre and alloy insurance plan for same period any...
  2. Sumo Power
    Hello GTR members... In the market for some alloy wheels from Japan….? We have negotiated a deal with our courier for a preferential price for air freighting alloy wheels from Japan. We can get a wide range of makes, models and sizes for you quickly. We will take all the hassle out of...
  3. Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    I've wrecked one of my BBS LM 18x10j Et20 (gold 18" LMs in English) and need to find a replacement :'-( I've learned from the forums and UK distributors that the forged series of wheels are manufactured in Japan and only stocked through BBS's Pacific Asian network. I've also learned that it...
1-3 of 9 Results