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  1. ATTESA ECU showing code 20 HELP!!

    Technical Chat
    Hi folks, Apologies for starting a new thread on a subject that has probably been covered before. I'm a week into my ownership of an R32 GTR and i've had the 4WD light flag up on the dash. 1st time it cleared itself but now it appears to be here to stay, i used the forum to find out the code...
  2. R33 GTR Engine Bay Fusebox (Does it control Attesa)?

    Tuning: General
    We have deleted the ABS pump and also deleted the engine bay fusebox. Can someone correct me if I am wrong. To my knowledge the engine bay fusebox has nothing to do with the Attesa unit, so removing/deleting the ABS fuses should not effect the Attesa at all? But then I saw this diagram from...
  3. R32 Gtr Constant Awd

    Engine Mods
    R32 Gtr Has Constant AWD Hi guys, my car is constantly awd I believe, I pulled out both awd fuses and it was still sending power to the front wheels, (I had the car on a hoist). I have found that the awd bleeder connector in the driver side kick panel is there but there is no plug or wires...
  4. Attesa pipes from filler bottle in boot

    Can anybody get me the pipes that lead from the Attesa filler bottle in the boot downwards as I have a leak in these and need them replaced ASAP? Needed for a R32 GT-R 1994 Brian
  5. Newbie with Attesa questions

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hello Over the coming months il be (hopefully) joining the R32 GTR club and so have been scanning the forums for as much information i can find. I do how ever have a few awkward questions which i hope some of you may be able to answer and at least voice your opinion. Now, the Attesa system...
  6. ATTESA Nitorgen accumulator cannister

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Has anyone been able to re-fil the nitrogen accumulator canister for the ATTESA system? I’ve done search on here and the best I’ve come up with this is this thread with links to skyline Australia and Lexus forums. In theory what the guys have done on the Lexus forum should work on the the...
  7. Intermittent Electrical/charging problems

    I'm having a few issues; 1. Fluid in ATTESA Resevoir will not settle to bottom of resevior, causing a low level. (screen clogged)? 2. Clicking noise in trunk...Probably related to problem 1. 3. Alternator stops charging at random intervals. 4. HICAS light and Battery light illuminate. Could...
  8. Attesa pump/press. switch/solenoid interaction question

    Hello all, I have searched this topic quite a bit and looked through the FSM, but I cannot find a the answers I am looking for. I have transplanted the running gear out of a GTR32 into my S14 240sx and am having trouble finding out exactly how the attesa pump, pressure switch, and solenoid...
  9. A couple of Attesa error questions

    Hey All, I need someone's expertise on this - my 4WD light is lit up on the dash (and not going out). I've checked in the boot and the red LED flashes eight times - 5 slow(ish) flashes and then 3 faster flashes. According to what I can find using the almighty seach button, these codes most...
  10. Removing ATTESA?

    Tuning: General
    Yes ive searched already. I couldn't find any topic reguarding my issue. (so my eyes tell me lOL) Anyways would it be possible to remove the ATTESA from an R32gts4? if so please elaborate beacuse im a noob hahaha thanks :D