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  1. Skyline Audio Idea

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi all On my R33 i have great audio but it lacks bass and i have been looking for a small discreet subwoofer installation but i cannot find any. So i have thought about utilising the rear middle hump of the back seat. The idea is to make and install a Non permanent (Can Clip off if needed)...
  2. audio problems, central control unit 09' r35

    Technical Chat
    Hello:) I recently bought a 2009 gt-r and everything was working just fine for a couple of days, untill cd-player stopped working. I tried googling around, and found something about a hidden menu. Tried that, got some diagnostics that said I had a problem with the "Control unit". There were som...
  3. SRD Audio

    SRD Tuning
    SRD Audio Having been involved in car audio and security for over 20 years, we have lots of experience to offer the best services available. Over the years we have built demonstration cars for high quality and SPL competitions and been involved directly with manufacturers to improve products...
  4. Audio failure (radio, sat nav, phone)

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi, my Sept 09 GTR was working fine this morning but this afternoon the radio doesn't come on and when I go in to the menus the voice guidance and all audio options are greyed out. Has anyone else had this? It thought the system had just crashed so disconnected the battery. No luck. I then...
  5. R35 Audio Install

    ICE (Audio, Video, Security)
    This is the write up on my audio install by Audio Advice in Glasgow. How it all started was, I was looking for a good installer near Glasgow to put in my ‘parking sensors, anti-hijack and at the time install CC’s non-nav front and rear camera solution. If you read CC’s threads, you’ll know he’s...
  6. What's in the box?

    Technical Chat
    Quick one for those of you lucky people with a UK-spec car already... I seem to remember some form of cubby hole / drinks holder etc. beneath the armrest and behind the gear lever... am I right? If so, what's in it, does anyone have a detailed pic of it... and would it be a suitable alternative...
  7. Adding track/title info to music ripped to MusicBox

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just stumbled across this download page on the Nissan USA website - it's a PC application to allow you to add track details to music ripped to the R35 Music Box if the inbuilt Gracenote database didn't recognise your CD. It looks pretty straightforward - hope it helps you guys who have ripped...