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  1. GTR r35 Audio Problem (Newbie)

    R35 - "How to" and DIY guides
    Hi, i have a r35 (2010) and 3 days ago everything was working perfectly, However today i couldn't play any music. Nothing happened when i press FM/AM, or Disc, the music box plays music as it shows how far i am in the song but i can't hear anything. When i connect my phone via Bluetooth and...
  2. R35 Audio Install

    ICE (Audio, Video, Security)
    This is the write up on my audio install by Audio Advice in Glasgow. How it all started was, I was looking for a good installer near Glasgow to put in my ‘parking sensors, anti-hijack and at the time install CC’s non-nav front and rear camera solution. If you read CC’s threads, you’ll know he’s...