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  1. Pictures and Video gallery
    hi everyone...I attended a GTR only cruise on the weekend. It was held in Melbourne, Australia. Some awesome GTR's were there. From R32's to R35's. Check out the photos on my FB page called T u n e d.
  2. Pictures and Video gallery
    hello there everyone. Love to see all the awesome skylines you guys have in the UK. They are looking pretty damn good. I just got myself a new baby after having a 33 gtst for 7 years and a 32 GTR in that time aswel. Made the big step up to my dream car. couldnt be happier with it and have big...
  3. R35 - "How to" and DIY guides
    I am potentially moving Australia and really want to take my GTR with me. I have spoken to the various bodies and its a relatively simply process but the one thing i am stuck on is converting the digital readouts from m/ph to K/ph. Has anyone done this or know how can do it. I have spoken to...
  4. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi all, I am not sure if anybody could help me out - but please shout if you can! Does anybody know the exact differences between the European (UK) and Australian specifications for the early 2009 GTR? I am planning on importing my non-sat nav 2009 GTR from the UK to Australia and I want to be...
1-4 of 5 Results