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  1. RB26 Main & Rod Bearing recommendations

    Nissan Skyline
    Got an RB26 that's going to get rebuilt, but I wanted some opinions (with evidence to back it up if possible!) on Main Bearings and Rod Bearings. The Block is a stock RB26, Crank is a N1, Rods are a Nitto I-Beam, and tomei oil pump (with supertech spline gear) My end game power figure is...
  2. Clutch problem R33 GTR

    Tuning: General
    Hi, I spent a few minutes after work making this video: - (very prominent) (pulling off a little more quickly) It's reproducing an issue that I'm having with my car right now which sounds horrible. Basically, whenever I pull away in first, it usually...
  3. Noisy Wheel Bearing, really ?

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi Fellow members, Just had the Bell Housing replaced by NHPC under extended Warranty, however I did call them to collect MY09, and they said the BH could of masked the sound of the wheel bearing knocking, if it is they advise it to be replaced. My questions, is it a costly item, do they not...