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  1. r32 GTR boost Issues

    Technical Chat
    so i have been doing a bit of research and I can't find much on my problem. So I have had my car for about 6 months and its fairly stock besides exhaust, so iv read that stock boost is about 10psi and my car is struggling to hit 8 psi. i have disconnected the stock boost solenoid witch what I...
  2. A issue with MY17

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    So I got a MY17 this afternoon, as I was on the motorway driving along then all of a sudden loss of boost and then it went in to limp home mode with a warning light and a message saying engine system malfunction visit dealer , pulled over on the hard shoulder and waited a while then started her...
  3. Blitz SBC iColor Issues

    I am having trouble dialing in my Blitz SBC iColor. Currently I have it set at: MANU Set - 50 Gain - 5 Limit - 34 Warn - 1.01 It will hold .6Bar all day but I cant get it to hold anything higher. If I get it to boost more than .6 it overboosts everytime. Even with the warn and limit set to...
  4. AEM EMS standalone ECU for RB26 RB25 + sensors: IAT, Boost, O2, 3-bar MAP, CAS

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Currently running in my personal GT-R with under 1300 mi of use, Series I final version for RB26 (RB25) that was tuned to 480whp and a decent daily driver. Regardless of your setup, twins, single, swap, huge injectors - the AEM will tune it. Comes complete with all AEM sensors. New this was...
  5. Fixing boost control

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on, pleased to meet you all :). I have an R34 GTT which overheated a few years back and has been sitting idle for more than two years. Since it's in Cyprus and I'm mostly in the UK, I never had the time to give it the car and love it needs...until...
  6. R33N1 Turbo's maximum boost

    was trying to look for specs but couldn't find it... what is the maximum possible boost that the R33N1 turbo's can put out? just a curiousity thing... Thanks for anyone who knows.
  7. Stock 33 GTR Mods unwrapped

    Tuning: General
    well here it is,,, something quite interesting and contraversial,, stock 33 GTR boost in and around about 11.6 psi or 0.8 bar with standard airbox and exhaust now take of the airbox and exhaust and replace with aftermarket stuff and because more air is getting sucked and blown the stock...
  8. R33 GTR or What else would you recommend

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    hi guys just getting back from a tour of afghan and got some money to place very gently into a skyline would love a 33 GTR but im not going to let my heart rule my head anymore, iv learnt from past cars lol would like some advice as i cant find any threads on which one to go for in particular...
  9. Overboosting and slow accelarating after 5000 rpm

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi there GTR owners i have a R33 gtr v-spec love skylines and allways will :popcorn: my isue is that is overboosting and not pulling like it should. Had Ecu talk hookede up and the readout was wiered Boost isue the restictor is gone and think the valve is dead when giving 12 volts nothing...
  10. Help! Boost Leak Problem!

    Tuning: General
    Hi, I have tried searching for a solution to my problem, but all of the posts didnt exactly help my certain predicament. I have a 92 GTR, and for about a month now, I have been experiencing a loss of power. In first gear, the car revs up to about 5000 rpm, then misfires, hesistates, and...
  11. Max boost r32 gtr turbos can handle??

    Tuning: General
    Does anyone know what the max boost pressure each of the turbos on an r32 gtr can handle?? Thanks alot