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  1. Boot lever stopped working (R32)

    Nissan GT-R Maintenance
    I recently bought my first GTR, and the other day the lever to open the boot on my 1992 skyline R32 stopped working. For whatever reason, the key also doesn't work for the lock on the back of the car, so as of now my boot is locked permanently. (with stuff I need inside) There is still tension...
  2. Boot won't open!

    Technical Chat
    So for some reason my boots stopped opening electrically. When activated I can hear it click, but seems to fail to release. I can manage to get into it using the key in the footwell but was wondering if anyone has had the solenoid fail before? Thanks in advance! Steven
  3. R33 GTST/GTR flush boot availabe

    Made and designed in house with a more OEM look. Fabricated from metal and moulded in to fiberglass. Check out the installation on our second sponsor car. Perfect fit. £350 made to order in the UK.
  4. R33 Hybrid Carbon Bootlid GTR GTSt GTS limited offer

    Trade: For Sale
    100% exact mold of the genuine Nissan bootlid. Fitment guaranteed! 100% perfect real carbon weave pattern. Ultra light weight. This weighs approx 3.5kg Unlike others, this has minimal fibreglass content. Why? because it has real carbon fibre, paired up with our Hybrid Resin, meaning its...
  5. Rust On Boot Hinge

    All things Stagea
    Hi, Have a 1997 Stagea and noticing rust forming between the plate and boot door. Anyone seen this on theirs or know a way to solve before it takes hold and the boot door falls off? :/
  6. Hybrid Carbon vs Hybrid Carbon Complete!

    Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim-Skyline
    Since we introduced our new carbon product range - Hybrid Carbon & Hybrid Carbon Complete! we have had many enquiries regarding the difference between the two. So here it is... both R33 Bootlids (Hybrid Carbon Complete version weights just under 3kgs! Hybrid Carbon version just under 3.5kg!)