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    Hey guys, was cleaning the interior yesterday and noticed I have somehow managed to dent the grill on my sub :confused: Does anyone know if these can be replaced and if so where can I get one from? I'm guessing probably only Nissan Thanks Iain
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    SRD Audio Having been involved in car audio and security for over 20 years, we have lots of experience to offer the best services available. Over the years we have built demonstration cars for high quality and SPL competitions and been involved directly with manufacturers to improve products...
  3. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just stumbled across this download page on the Nissan USA website - it's a PC application to allow you to add track details to music ripped to the R35 Music Box if the inbuilt Gracenote database didn't recognise your CD. It looks pretty straightforward - hope it helps you guys who have ripped...