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carbon fibre
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  1. AutoTorque
    Carbon Fibre Hydo Dipped GTR Parts To complement our re-trimmed steering wheels (see link below) we now have these tasty dipped parts available. The kit includes the following; -Pair of Paddle shift levers...
  2. Knight-Racer
    Got a batch of these in stock. Fitment slightly improved compared to the old batch so should be even easier than before. Website price £249.99 + VAT + DELIVERY. Offer on here £200 all in DELIVERED! to order simply paypal to: [email protected] or call our office on 01908 379118 FULL CARBON...
  3. Knight-Racer
    1 of UK's largest stockists of Bodykits & Carbon Fibre. Performance parts specialist. Skyline's, Supra's, RX7's, Civics, Scoobies, Pulsar's & even Golfs Project and Show Car builders. Stockists of wide range of Carbon Aero parts for the New Nissan GTR. More GTR parts here...
  4. Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim-Skyline
    Some of you might have seen before, but I would like to summarise (in the form of photos so you can see for yourselves) a few of the Hybrid Carbon Complete weight saving products we have and built for our sponsor Time Attack R33 GTR..
1-4 of 4 Results