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cheshire detailing

  1. Range Rover - Gtechniq advanced new car detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    The customer wanted anti scratch protection and the ultimate gloss. It was decided to go for my advanced gtechniq new car detail. Every surface is protected including calipers, full wheel, leather, fabric, glass, trims and paint. 40 hrs went in to this one Chris Griffiths Detailing |...
  2. Audi R8 - Correction Detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    This R8 was poorly prepped by the dealer, it was covered in marks and polish residue. I treated it to my 3 day correction detail and protected the paint with 2 coats of Swissvax Crystal Rock. Thanks Chris
  3. Porsche 997 - 2 day detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    This stunning 997 was treated to our 2 day detail and finished in Auto Finesse Desire. Chris
  4. Maintenance plans now available

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    Maintenance plans are now available, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Prices start from just £60 per month. This is the best way to ensure your car stays looking great throughout the year Includes snow foam, 2 bucket wash, wheels cleaned , arches and door shuts cleaned, vacuum of interior, tyres...
  5. Ferrari F40 - Gtechniq Silver Detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    This Ferrari F40 was brought in for some top quality protection and to increase the gloss. It was decided to go with a Gtechniq Silver detail. The paint on these is always really thin, you can actually see the weave through the paint. So I took a long time with a light cut to achieve a safe and...
  6. Nissan GTR - Gtechniq Gold

    Griffiths Detailing
    A members GTR was brought to myself while it was in Middlehurst getting work done. Middlehurst is only 15-20 mins from myself so really easy to collect and re deliver the vehicle if needed. Here is a finished picture after my Gtechniq Gold detail. Chris
  7. Nissan GTR Maintenance detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    I detailed this stunning Kuro black GTR around 8 months ago now, every now and then I wash the car and like to keep the protection topped up. Today we have a good detox and finished with a wipe down with Modesta M1 shot. Chris
  8. Members GTR treated to 66hrs detailing and Modesta protection

    Griffiths Detailing
    For more info on our services click the links below or contact myself on here. Chris
  9. RS200 Full detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    Here is a close up of the paintwork after a good wash and decontamination. As you can see a few marks etc Here is the paint work after detailing, you can see the fibre glass weave and there is the odd very deep mark remaining. But the finish was much improved. And the finished...
  10. Ferrari 550 top up detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    This was a top up detail which involves cleaning the engine bay, one stage machine polish and I opted for swissvax crystal rock as protection Chris
  11. Jensen Interceptor - Enhancment Detail

    Griffiths Detailing
    Very rare and awesome Jensen Interceptor. Never done one of these before! Chris
  12. Ford Capri Done!

    Griffiths Detailing
    Here are some finished pics from the Ford Capri detail. Full Gtechniq Protection
  13. Whats this???

    Griffiths Detailing
    Something rather loverly in the unit at the min!! Write up and finished pics coming as soon as i get a min!! X6 is finished now
  14. Deep cleanse and protection offer

    Griffiths Detailing
    Over the winter your paintwork has probably took a hammering from salt, grit, dirt and the adverse weather. I have put together a detail that is perfect for prestige vehicles. The idea is to deep clean all surfaces and protect them for the remaining off the winter. Here is a break down of...