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  1. Wheels/tyres advice

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    Hi, I'm running 275/35/19 winter tyres on my car all around with HKS hipermax suspension. I get a slight squishy sound on my front right coilover when going over stiff speed bumps etc but it doesn't seem to affect the ride of the vehicle. I'm going to get myself some summer tyres.. now, as you...
  2. Anyone using HKS hipermax iv max gt R32?

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    Need some opinions on them. Looking to get some new coilovers for the r32.
  3. Front coilovers r32

    I currently have Bilstein front and Tein super street rear coilovers (not sure why they are different). Purchased my r32 about a month ago and the stiffness is unbearable. The teins are really nice looking, almost new and are adjustable. However, the bilsteins seem very stiff causing some...
  4. Brakes, suspension and shaft questions

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    I building some gtr32 for timeattacking + street use with some weight loss and I have a few questions for the experienced guys (I search the forum and read all FAQ's, but had no clear answers): 1. Now I'm stuck between two options of front brakes upgrading. To use any big brake kit (6pot Alcon...
  5. Garage clearout, loads of bits and bobs!

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Here's all the bits and bobs that I don't need, along with what I want for them. R33/34 HKS Coilovers Hypers, £450+pp R33 original rear lights, £90.00+pp R33 Windscreen washer tank, £10.00+pp R33 original radiator, no leaks, £70.00+pp R33/34 6 speed...
  6. Ohlins Coilovers - R32

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    I have a set of Ohlins coilovers for sale. One needs the seals replacing and as I live on the Isle of Wight, sending it to be refurbed and then paying for it to come back just so I can sell them and pay for them to be shipped again is more hassle than I can be bothered with ;) So, all are in...
  7. A Fitting Guide - Tein Super Street Coilovers + EDFC unit.

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    Hi Peeps. Apart from fitting my HKS EVC unit this weekend I am looking to grab the Tein Super Street Coil-over package and complimentary EDFC unit (Havent ordered them yet). I will be posting a step by step fitting guide on this thread. It's a lot of money to relieve any ones pocket of so...