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    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi everybody, I thought to share with you my R32 GTR restoration in Croatia. I bought the car in the UK end of 2019 and was with the same owner since 2015. It's a genuine low mileage car (76xxx km's when purchased ) with the necessary background checks in Japan to link all the dots about this...
  2. Grobnik, Croatia / AdriaRace track day

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Short movie I made at Grobnik track (Croatia) on Tuesday. It was an insanely hot day, temp was around 38-40C plus humidity... It was my first time there so I'm still learning the track and all my rounds were made in the GT-R as wife wouldn't let her X go (she was having too much fun). I don't...
  3. video - fun drive, Evo X vs GT-R split screen

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Made a 2-part video showing Evo X and GT-R storming through the same road on Island of Brac, Croatia. Sadly, lost all the logs to add the speedometers... but still fun I hope! Interesting to see how much time is lost when you are stuck somewhere where you can't overtake. The sound is from the...
  4. anyone coming to croatia or close?

    Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if any of the members plan to visit Croatia soon (good weather is here, so bliss!) any time soon? Would be great to meet and chat about the GT-R and have a nice glass of wine. Also, I'm planning a short trip to Stelvio/Grossglockner/Munich/Salzburg (8 days total...
  5. My little black devil

    Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim (GT-R)
    Here are some pics of my GT-R, now that I installed all the carbon pieces. When I took the photos the car wasn't particularly clean but since the car is black, its never particularly clean! The car is still missing carbon side mirror covers but apart from that its complete. Wife's Evo X and my...