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  1. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Has anyone had any issues with engine knock on a standard car before? Where it knocks almost every time I go to put my foot down! This is my 4th R35 having had a 2009, 2013, 2016 and now this 2017 and all my previous cars I never had any problems with engine knock at all. I put 99 Octane in and...
  2. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Does anyone have any experience of having their wheels being scratched from having the old weights removed, during tyre fitment ? I had my tyres replaced a short while back and having only just washed the car, I've noticed that on each of the four wheels where the previous weights were removed...
  3. Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim (GT-R)
    Guys, I have just returned from a round trip from south Mids to Scotland and noticed that I have damage on the bottom lip above the splitter, which is about 1cm of damage. I didn't hit anything, bar millions of kamkazi bugs, but am worried that this large chip out of the storm white body, just...
1-3 of 3 Results