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  1. Knight-Racer
    For those who run a second car especially Turbo Diesels for fuel economy... we can save you EVEN MORE on fuel! up to 15% in fact! Plus we can get you up to 20% more performance! From ONLY £249.99! (most tuners charge £450+) We can even remap vans and trucks as well as normal road cars :)
  2. All other makes and models
    Hi there, Going to be selling my lovely Afla as fancy a change. Looking for Civic Type r, of Astra VXR. The car is the 140bhp version as standard but has had the ECU remapped by Angel Tuning, now delivers more mpg and much more power circa 190bhp. Timed 0-60 is 6.8 Car has every option and...
1-2 of 2 Results