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  1. Looking for GTR R34 Rear Diff (And maybe 6speed Trans while I'm here?)

    Hello folks. I got me a GTR R32 but I'm looking to swap over the 5 speed to a 6 speed trans at some point. I'm checking other venues to keep options open but I'm noticing that finding a GTR R34 diff is proving a pain in the rear (pun?). Would anyone have one of those their willing to part...
  2. Slight oil leak from front diff/driveshaft

    Technical Chat
    I took my wheels off for refurbishment recently, and noticed that there is a slight oil mark on the drivers side front driveshaft/diff coupling. Is there an oil breather around there, or does it look like the diff seal is starting to leak a bit? Ideally I'll get this looked at when it's next...
  3. R34 Diff in an R32 - Front

    Hi all, Have an R32 GTR, recently done a lot of work to it (Engine upgrade thanks to MGT). When upgrading the engine, I bought a second hand R32 GReddy sump with diff installed. Upon completion of build, my car went to the UK to MGT for mapping etc. They mapped/Dynod in RWD and when car was...
  4. R32/33/34 Gearbox and Diff Oil Cooler Kits

    Supertec Racing
    We have designed these kits to ensure oil temp is kept at optimum for fast road and track use. Pictured is a 13 row gearbox oil cooler kit for an R34 GTR with an 80 deg. thermostatic switch and relay. 88 deg switch also available as an option. All fittings are high quality aeroquip as is the...
  5. uprated rear diff vs. high speed

    Tuning: General
    Hi, maybe a noobish question, but does a uprated / limited slip rear diff reduce the high speed? thanks in advance...
  6. help needed, weird heavy pulse rubbing noise

    Technical Chat
    Hi guys, im new to this forum. I looked through the posts but couldnt see anything similar to this weird problem im having. I have a 1997 R33 GTR and on about 3/4 to full lock only while reversing you can hear a distinct noise that sounds exactly as if there is a place near the front two wheels...