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  1. THE JAP SHOW 2014 - Sat 05th & Sun 06th July 2014

    Meetings, Events, Gatherings - UK and Ireland
    JapShow 2014 - Sunday 6th July With RWYB - Saturday 5th July Unlimited tickets for sale but only room for 30 cars on the Club Stand. So first to buy the tickets get the car passes. Get Your Tickets Here. All Japanese cars and bikes are welcome at Jap show. No matter what you like...
  2. WANTED - Drag Radial and Wheel for Rear R35

    Hi there Looking for some drag radials and wheels for rear of 2010 R35 GTR Nitto NT05R 315 40 x 18 on a Enkei PF01 10.5 x 18 offset +15 wheel as an example or similar Will consider most wheel / tyres but must be in good / very good condition. What have you got ? UK based .... Money...
  3. Any UK GTR run in the 9s on stock turbos ... Yet

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    There's now three cars in the US ...... I'm not aware of any UK cars as of yet..... Unless you know otherwise :cool:
  4. My R33 GTR at TOTB 2011 and on Show 2011

    Pictures and Video gallery
    Hi Folks Some pics of my car at TOTB with the GTROC and at a local show...
  5. My first attemp at drag racing at Jap show finale

    Meetings, Events, Gatherings - UK and Ireland
    Hi Folks I wnet down on friday night in torential pouring rain and was knackered by the time I had got to our hotel! Saturday morning was very misty but warmer and best of all no rain. We arrived at Santa pod and the strip was wet and the trac, crew were drying the surface with the jet track...