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  1. F1Carbon
    We were aproached by an old sponsor of ours Si Perry of the Lassa Drift team to sponsor their new project. Si used an R33 Skyline of the last few years at BDC, but now time for a change. Si has dared to push the boundaries and instead of sticking to the usual rear wheel drive cars, he decided to...
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    In car with John Hickey of team Manfoot in the final of the prodrift Ireland team drift challenge. YouTube - ***x202a;Team Manfoot, Team Train Final PD Fermoy 2011***x202c;‏
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    As title really, what do you think about putting R34 Front ends onto R32 and R33s?
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    HD Quality video of me drifting my Skyline at YZ Circuit. Car is a HCR32 with RB25 fitted. Front mount intercooler, muffler and air filter. Have coilovers and a 2way LSD but nothing else as yet. Just stripped out and made as light as possible. Click the picture to see video. Thank you James
1-4 of 7 Results