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  1. Hks Evc 6 Not Increasing Boost

    Hi guys, i have just installed the EVC 6 (the new one with color screen) and the unit showing no error when i set the target boost to 90kpa but i can only get right around 60kpa (stock boost value). I have tried reset everything and started from zero but still can't achieve the target boost. I...
  2. Brake Pads

    Performance Friction
    Our Carbon Metallic® race pads win more Motorsport championships and are used by more professional racers than any other. Pad Compounds Z-rated Fast road and trackday pad with increased stopping power and fade resistance over OE materials while still producing low dust, noise and wear rate...
  3. Gizzmo Boost Controller

    Tuning: General
    I have just purchased one of these and would like some help installing it. I have searched high and low for images on how to fit this. Do I remove the standard boost solenoid and connect this one or is there more too it? Thanks :) I'm fitting to an R33 GTR. If someone could take some...