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  1. Lancia Delta Integrale

    Hi Guys, looking for ideally a Lancia Delta Integrale EVO II or one of the later special editions. What have you hidden away?
  2. Evo IX FQ360 by HKS

    Non-Skyline / GT-R chat
    Any one own of these? wondering if the HKS extras are worth the premium over a 'standard' FQ360. :wavey:
  3. Pannonia-Ring / Hungary

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi Here are two videos I made at Pannonia-Ring in Hungary at June 5th (2013). The day started rotten due to extremely heavy rain which made driving a nightmare until afternoon. Then it started to clear out but by that time I used all the slots I had for the GT-R, so the only run on completely...
  4. video - fun drive, Evo X vs GT-R split screen

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Made a 2-part video showing Evo X and GT-R storming through the same road on Island of Brac, Croatia. Sadly, lost all the logs to add the speedometers... but still fun I hope! Interesting to see how much time is lost when you are stuck somewhere where you can't overtake. The sound is from the...