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  1. R33 Flush Fit Bootlid / Tail Gate / Trunk in FRP

    We have got these brand spanking newly molded. Fabricated IN-HOUSE using a genuine Nissan R33 GTS Skyline Bootlid, and built the flush section ourselves to match the car to ensure perfect fitment and alignment. Then taken a direct, 1st hand mold to ensure 100% spot on dimensions. These are...
  2. LED Dash & Gauge Fitting Guide - R33 GT-R

    Skyline and Stagea "How to" and DIY guides
    Hi all, You’ll need: - Couple of Phillips head screwdrivers - 5x 501/194/T10 Mini Light Tower 9 Leds (I went for Xenon White) for the main cluster - 3x 286 3 x Wide Angle Leds (Xenon White) for the three aux gauges - About an hour timewise I’d seen a few people do this and looking at my...